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Early Life

Born in Homabay County where she was raised alongside her 5 siblings, Aulgah Ojijo mainly known by her brand name ‘Aulgah Nato’ is an iconic fashion designer. Aulgah is a Kenyan Nationality who turned her dream to an ambition and later made it a reality. She is the fifth born of the six children raised single handedly by her father after the demise of their mother from whom she derived her passion. Her mother as she says had a huge fashion sense that rubbed on her. Having lost her at the age of 9, Aulgah and her only sister took turns in amending her clothes to their fit, that draining act ignited a fire that decades later brought to birth Aulgah Nato the design house.


Despite her prowess in the fashion industry Aulgah is however a self-taught genius. She didn’t take on fashion at her A’ levels as her father wouldn’t stomach it, instead she pursued Public Relations and Communication from The University of Nairobi. After graduation she secured a communication job at a PR firm. This was short lived as 2 years later obsessed with her ambition, she rendered her resignation and stepped out to build her dream.

‘Aulgah Nato’ began in 2014 in her bedroom. Armed with a sewing machine, a little savings from her previous job and her imaginable dream, Aulgah kicked off designing in her own space taking it a step at a time. Crazy as it may sound the artistic creations she made sold out one after another and in no time built a brand.

Versatile as she is, incorporating different fabrics, silhouettes, colors and prints, Aulgah has strived effortlessly towards putting ‘Aulgah Nato’ on the map making it not just a renowned brand in Kenya but in the world at large. From glamorous gowns to flirty casual pants and dresses, she thrives towards celebrating the physical nature of every woman making her beautiful in her own shape. Most of her pieces speak to the risk takers, the woman who is in cognizant of fact that she is hotter than anyone else and is ready to be modest about it.

She is like a grain of sand introduced into the shell of an oyster with gradual coatings of different layers from the environment trying to provide comfort within her surroundings. This gives light to the color filled transition in her creation as she finds herself armed with varying shades.


She is known today for her unique creations that celebrate a woman’s curves aiming at making her feel confident and beautiful. With an established clothing label, Aulgah has showcased her designs on both local and international runways. Adding to her name she has bagged numerous award nominations and brought home quite a number of accolades. Just to mention but a few, she was nominated by The Swahili fashion Week as ‘Fashion Designer of the Year’ during the Kenya Wedding Awards 2018. In the same year at The Brand Exhibitions in Nigeria she brought home ‘The Outstanding Contribution in Fashion Award’. However, her biggest achievement so far is being the first Kenyan to ever showcase at the Aberdeen Fashion Week in Scotland. As if that’s not enough she bagged the prestigious award ‘The Best International Designer’.

Aulgah Nato has worked with renowned brands like Moët & Chandon, Telkom, Maybelline, Safaricom and Mizani among others.

Aulgah, hopes on being a first-class wardrobe consultant to women who understand their body shape and are ready to invest in fashion. She pictures these women as being too busy to research hence she fills the gap.

When you talk Fashion, talk Aulgah Nato!

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